Monthly Archives: December 2011

Kirk House Church

Dec 12, 2011 |

This dynamic church conversion is situated in Ross-Shire, by the River Blackwater. The house is surrounded by beautiful scenery and trees that keep it discreet. It’s a three bedroom, one bathroom “weekend home” for the couple that owns it. There aren’t many original features still left but the way it has been renovated has transformed […more]

Lovely Little Igloo

Dec 6, 2011 |

As its December, I thought I’d look out for some wintery homes to show you. I was trying to find an ice house, but didn’t have much luck. Instead I found this cute little igloo hotel complex. Located in Finland, these igloos are famous for their amazing view of the aurora borealis. Each igloo has […more]

Sacramento Real Estate Market – December 2011 Water Cooler

Dec 1, 2011 |

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