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Find A House In Cebu

Jul 22, 2011 |

Find A House In Cebu I need a house in Cebu, can you find the best for me? That question or variation of these questions comes from any potential clients who want to finally acquire a property like a house. What amazes me is that these are serious questions that need to be address. First, […more]

Real Estate Buying Guide in the Philippines for Foreigners

Jul 20, 2011 |

Foreigner’s Guide By law, foreigners don’t have the right to acquire land in the Philippines. Only Filipino citizens can own land (there have been many proposals to amend this law but of this writing, the law remains unchanged.) The simplest way for a foreigner to acquire real estate properties is to have a Filipino spouse […more]

Taxes, Commission & Registration

Jul 16, 2011 |

Guide when Buying Real Estate in the Philippines This is the standard sharing of expenses between the buyer and the seller when transferring the real estate property title (TCT – Transfer Certificate of Title or CCT – Condominium Certificate of Title) to a new owner: The SELLER pays for the: Capital Gains Tax equivalent to […more]

Donald Trump likes Cebudotcom!?

Jul 15, 2011 |

I posted this on my wall and see who liked my post about my website Check it out! tag for this listing: Donald Trump invested in Cebu The post Donald Trump likes Cebudotcom!? appeared first on CebuDotCom – Real Estate.